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Reasons Why You Should Crate Train


Crate training is considered to be an essential part of bringing a puppy into your home and life. Be it senior dogs or puppies, and crate training can be very beneficial in one way or another. It provides the dog a sense of safety and security and helps the owner with peace of mind. Most breeders, trainers, and veterinarians have recommended crate training for dogs from a young age.

It becomes an essential part as dogs do not like to create a mess in their sleeping areas. In a crate, dogs learn to hold their bladder, so the owner doesn’t have to clean the mess. It allows your dog to stay by your side during an emergency. Listed below are the reason why crate training is essential.  

Provide A Safe Space

Dogs carry a natural denning instinct, and to crate training, you can provide your dog a safe place when he is feeling tired or stressed and a crate can be a useful reprieve for your pup. Children must be taught that when a dog is sitting in his crate, whether by your choice or his own, he needs space and must be left alone.

Help With House Training

The crate is one of the best sources for house training. Puppies and dogs do not like to create a mess in their sleeping area or bed, so a perfect-sized crate can help you teach him bowel and bladder control.  

Household Safety

You are having your puppies and dogs lying comfortably in the crate while you are busy working around. Maybe you are working on a house renovation or cooking dinner where your dog can cause safety issues. Having him safely placed away will provide you peace of mind.  

Safe And Comfortable Travel

Traveling by car with your dog in a crate is relatively safe and more comfortable for both you and your dog than leaving him loose.  

Easy Vet Visits

If your puppy or dog needs to spend a night at the veterinarian’s, he will feel less stressed and uncomfortable when placed in his crate.  

Damage Limitation

Have you ever come to a dog shaming video on the internet where the pet owner returns home to find the furniture destroyed or in a shamble? They might seem funny, but that mess could have been easily avoided if the puppy or dog had been placed in his crate with a toy to chew or a bone, instead of destroying your favorite couch.


If you plan on evacuating your house in case of an emergency or disaster, having a crate-trained dog will make it much easier for you. Whether you keep him with you or hand him to the caretakers, your dog will feel much better if he is placed in his crate. He will feel more relaxed with his toys and blanket than being in a very unfamiliar place and therefore can make him feel sad and stressed.


The most crucial step to keep in mind while crate training your dog is to make it a positive experience. Try to feed them treats or their daily meals in their crate, which would feel like a reward. Never leave your puppy or dog locked in the crate for an entire day. Create crate timing according to the time he spends in the crate daily. Make sure you do proper research and study on how to properly train your dog and make sure to stick to one plan to ensure success.