Puppy Proofing Your House


How To Dog Proof Your Home

There are many similar things between our little friends and us. So what if they have paws and not hands like us? They feel separation anxiety like we do, love as we do, and pain as we do. The commonalities certainly do not end here because puppies, like human beings, need to be taken care of as well. As a dog owner, you must have a faint idea of how to puppy-proof your house. Now the thing would be a cakewalk in a world where puppies were not energetic and curious little things. But they are, and that’s partly the reason why we can’t get enough of them. So, to help you keep your puppy safe, here are some tips.


Let’s start with the more dangerous points. Since your puppy will mostly be inside your house, you must ensure that nothing is threatening inside your home, or if it is, it’s not within the puppy’s reach. For instance, poisonous houseplants can lead to multiple problems like messing up your pet’s digestive process or even death. There are probably other toxic substances scattered in your house –and according to the puppy, they’re all going to look like toys. 

This would include detergent, medicines and drugs, household cleaners, glue, or any other chemicals you suspect can be extremely dangerous for the tiny roommate. It’s wise to shift them at a place high enough to not be in the puppy’s reach.

Unplugging Electronics

Electric cords are hazards you should never overlook. Puppies are naturally curious, and the time they decide to be the little ball of energy is also when they’re likely to explore and scare you. Unplugging cords will relieve you from the burden of being continually terrified of your puppy burning his mouth or getting an accidental shock. Move them out of reach, or cover them, so he does not feel invited to chew it. An additional helpful thing to do is to provide your dog with enough chew toys to prevent him from going out and putting dangerous things in his mouth. Electric shocks are scary things, and your puppy may get seriously injured or traumatized by them.

Secure Trash Cans

Trash cans are smelly things (no surprise), and sadly, puppies like to go to the source of the smells. Wrap the trash or at least place it out of the puppy’s reach because the adorable excitement on which your pup thrives can also prove to be downright fatal. He may end up consuming something poisonous, ranging from bad food to a toxic substance. Bad scenarios continue to emerge in these circumstances, like your pup swallowing something sharp. A simple object could suffocate your puppy. To protect your pet from any life-threatening risks like these, you must cover and secure the trash cans. This way, your pup won’t be able to dig through the magical well of exciting smells!

Shut the Doors and Windows

Your puppy will want to see outside the doors and windows, which puts him at risk of falling. As you can imagine, this may lead to some serious injury. He still carries the fragility of a tiny and precious thing with the energy level matching a tornado, which means you need to be cautious about your doors and windows. Related to this point is the matter of other heights as well. Puppies have fragile bodies, and that’s why you need to keep the puppy grounded. Puppies may try to jump out of a child’s arm and break their bones or do the same thing from tall furniture. For safety measures, choose seats that are lower and don’t put your puppy in the danger of a fall.

Keep Them Away From Batteries

A seemingly harmless battery can cause multiple issues. This is a problem with kids too. Any electronic devices which contain a battery needs to be put away from the reach of your puppy. You must pay extra attention to devices like remote controls that have batteries. If there are any toys scattered around your house containing batteries, put them away as well. The puppy may try to swallow the small parts of such things or swallow the battery itself. Dangers like burnt tissue or choking remain a possibility if you’re not careful about it. 

Puppy proofing the house extends to other parts of your life too, and sometimes it may involve changing your habits. No matter how much you want to feed him your food, it may prove to be dangerous for him. Similarly, the outdoors require a thorough inspection as well. Puppy proofing the house may seem a little stretched out process at this point, but it’s worth it if you get to ensure your puppy’s safety.