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Never Use A Laser Pointer To Play With Your Dog


Who doesn’t like playing with their dogs in unique ways? Sometimes you throw a ball or a stick and ask them to fetch it, run with them, or play with a laser pointer. Watching them jump and run is a very entertaining sight. You also might’ve come across the videos of dogs running towards the laser pointer. But who would’ve thought that something as harmless as a laser pointer can be dangerous for our little friends? Well, that is the reality. Laser pointers are the dangerous and the worst type of toy to play with, not only dogs but other pets too. There are two reasons to support the statement, and they’re listed below.

Laser Pointers Play With The Psychological Well-Being Of Your Dog 

The majority of the dogs love chasing everything, be it humans or balls or laser pointers. Chasing games are considered very healthy for little friends. It is also a great way to fix your dog’s attitude, as they become proud of themselves when they get the thing they were chasing. Chasing is also a very organic method for dogs to channel their energy and develop their prey drive. 

The primary difference with playing with a laser pointer is that your dog will not reach its target, which can result in severe confusion for your pet. They might become obsessive. Some dogs become obsessive at a point where they start chasing anything which moves, for example, a shadow or any reflective light or glare from any screen or swimming pool. 

Their prey drives get active almost immediately after looking at the laser pointer. And as a matter of fact: dogs do not have the power of rationalization, like us humans. And they also do not know the concept of laser light. Many of them stare into space where they saw it last and wonder where it went and refuse to leave that place until it comes back. It messes with your dog’s head pretty quickly. Their obsession with the red dots becomes very vigorous.  

It Hurts Your Dog’s Eyes.

Along with the mental damage, laser pointers can also cause physical damage to your dog. They have more rods in their eyes as compared to humans. They are responsible for spotting dark and lights, which means that they can see more than humans. Whether you are having fun or playing the chasing game, it is very dangerous to shine the laser light at your dog’s eyes. Other than that, whenever they play with the laser light, they get excited very quickly, and out of excitement, they knock off the tables and things that are kept on them. So the dog might injure you, themselves, or other people in your family. 


One of the best ways to have a happy and healthy dog is by playing with them. Playing can be an important part of mental stimulation for your pet, but it’s not always easy to know what toys are safe for dogs. So before you grab that laser pointer from your desk drawer or crinkle up some newspaper underfoot, use a ball, frisbee, or one of your dog’s favorite toys instead. These toys will be sure to keep you and your pup entertained. 


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