Games to Play With Your Puppy


Playing fun games with your dog will surely strengthen your bond with them and improve their skills. But playing more interactive games is excellent in the early stages of their life; in common words, you call it training; turn this training into a fun game. These training games are exciting for them mentally and also provide physical exercise and learning aptitude.

Remember to keep these games short and sweet before they get bored or frustrated.

There is a variation in dog training games you can play with your dogs like name games, eye contact games, follow the nose games, etc. Pair the right match with the skill you’re trying to teach your puppy.

As stated earlier, keep things straightforward with your dog, and you’re going to have fun.

Game 1 – The Name Game

Remember that we are first teaching our dogs to be open to receiving information and learning initially. The name game is best if you play with your pup, follow these steps:

  • Speak Your Dog’s Name: Calling your pup’s name with fun will attract them.
  • Gain their attention with treats: Give him one when he looks at you and responds to his name.
  • Repeat the first step several times: Repeat for at least 5 to 10 times or until he looks up at you consistently when he hears his name.
  • Practice in Various Locations: Start by practicing this game at your house, like in your backyard, garden, etc. Then practice when your dog’s distracted like in the park or other dogs present, by that your dog, will start to recognize his name.

Game 2 – Hide & Seek

Hide & Seek is a fun and mentally stimulating game. It’s a great way to practice your dog’s recall.

  • Make your dog sit still: Let him sit still or have someone to hold onto him.
  • Find a spot for hiding: Choose a place and hide.
  • Call your dog
  • Let your dog find you: Keep calling your dog for some time and then let him see you.
  • Keep it straightforward and sweet: Remember to keep it simple for your dog by hiding in some accessible spots at first to avoid frustration.
  • Later hide in some hard place.

Game 3 – Follow Me

This game is excellent for teaching your dog to walk on a loose leash, but it is also something to add to your training collection before you start working on recall.

  • Start easy: Start easy in your house or a quiet environment. Use a collar and standard leash.
  • Start walking in any direction: You start walking anywhere and let your dog catches up to you. As your dog’s done, please give a treat.
  • Please don’t turn around more often: Turn around for your dog whenever needed, otherwise let him follow you.
  • Walk-in different ways: Like, forward, backward, fast, slow, go around trees or a chair along the way.

Game 4 – Follow Your Nose

This game enhances your dog’s smelling power so you can play it wherever you are:

  • Start easy: Make a bag by tying something smelly and yummy in a small bag or cloth.
  • Attach a string to the end of that small bag: It can be used to create a smelly trail on the ground.
  • Pull the bag: Pull the bag along with you while walking in a zig-zag or winding position.
  • Practice in different locations: Try this game in your house, in your backyard, garden, etc.
  • Put the bag aside: So that your dog can sniff your hand too.
  • Now start the game again but with your hand: Practice it and encourage him to sniff your hand.
  • Pat him and give him a treat at the end: Remember to keep games short and sweet, and don’t forget to give your dog a yummy treat at the end.

Game 5 – The Give Game

You can play the given game with your pup after teaching him the necessary skills like fetch or bring.

  • Start on a loose leash: Start with this, otherwise the game will turn opposite of what it is.
  • Trade for your dog’s favorite toy: Place one of your dog’s favorite toy on the floor, let him pick it up, now put one hand on the toy and give him a treat with another.
  • Use the “Give” word: As your dog passes the toy to you, say the word “give” as a command. When your dog gives the toy, praise, and provide a treat.
  • Practice: practice this game more often. You can use different items too. Don’t forget to trade for something higher than the thing your dog has in the mouth.

Game 6 – The Find-It Game

This game is easy and will help your pup to enhance his skills:

  • Give the command to sit and stay: Have your dog sit still and if he’s new at this, give him something to hold.
  • Hide yummy treats: Hide treats in the house or around, and let your dog find them.
  • Keep hiding simply: Keep this find-it game easy and straightforward at the start and then make it difficult.
  • Use the “Find It” command: Release your dog and tell him to find it.
  • Praise & repeat: Remember to keep games short and sweet, and don’t forget to give your dog a yummy treat at the end.

Game 7 – Look At Me

The Look At Me game is an excellent game to build the focus of your dog. This time you’ll want to work on eye contact with your dog specifically.

  • Hold a yum treat up to your eye: Hold the treat up at eye level.
  • Praise and reward: When your dog finally looks at your, praise him and give the yum treat.
  • Use the “Look at Me” words as a command: When your dog gets the game, use the “look at me” words more often, and give him a treat after finishing.
  • Praise & repeat: At last, hold onto your dog’s gaze and remember to keep games short and sweet, and don’t forget to give your dog a yummy treat at the end.

Remember that you are teaching your pups to receive information and learn in the beginning. Often, dogs find it hard to conclude learned behaviors and don’t understand carrying that information to a different place. Success in playing or training your dog depends on how well you prepare or give useful commands. By saying the same words more often, make them recognize the words quickly. And at last, don’t forget to praise and celebrate and give them a yummy treat.