Easy Tricks To Train Your Pets

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Having a pet of your own and spending time with it is the best thing ever. Anyone with a pet usually has a super interesting life. You can make it all the more exciting by just teaching your beloved dog some of the incredibly easy and funny tricks. This kind of training tends to boost your dog physically as well as mentally and moreover make your bond stronger than ever. You, as a teacher can work wonders for your pet- whether a pup or an old dog.

To start with, make sure that your dog has already conquered the basic commands like ‘Sit’, ‘Stay’, ‘Down’ etc. After this comes the more interesting ones that are to be taught to your pet. Trust me, just with a little of your support, you can teach your dog new and acquaint it with some advanced commands.

Training is supposed to be a fun learning activity, not exceeding 10 minutes once or twice a day. Another important thing is your mood. At any given point in time, if you are tired, frustrated, or angry, there is no need to continue with the training classes. Always remember that your dog will do better only when you are in a pleasant mood, constantly appreciate it, stay calm, positive and keep on praising and encouraging your dog enthusiastically even for that small action it performs well. A dog learns well only when the master and the environment are fun. Also, you are strictly advised to not use any harsh means or become violent if your dog is not listening to you. It will ruin your friendship and you stand at the risk of your dog attacking you. One more thing you can do is to let every training session be followed by some treats and fun activities that your dog loves. This will keep your dog motivated.

Here are some of the very simple fun tricks that you can teach your dog even without the help of a dog trainer.


Here, your main aim is to teach your dog to turn its head backward even without standing up. So, to begin with, command your dog to be in the ‘Down’ position. Now, while holding the treat in your hand, move it slowly behind the neck of the dog. Then, as your dog’s head reaches backward, gently roll the treat over. When your dog rolls over, award him with the treat every time. Do this for 5 to 10 minutes. And do not forget to say the command “roll” when you roll it over repeatedly. This way your dog will memorize the activity it is supposed to do when it hears the command “Roll”.

Practice the same activity sometime later during the day again for 5 to 10 minutes and soon your dog will learn that the command and the rolling process are interlinked. Once it learns, no need to serve the treat every time. Just praise your dog every time it performs well. Even if it doesn’t seem to catch the right way, do not get frustrated and angry. If you cannot keep calm and relaxed, stop the training then and there.

Shaking Hands

The next trick which comes is the handshake. It is one of the pretty simple tricks that most of the dogs already know as they naturally raise their hands when asking for a treat. If your dog doesn’t do this, it is pretty simple to teach. Command your dog to be in the “Sit” position. Then, keep the treat on your palm and slowly move your hand downwards near the paw of your dog. As your dog raises its paw in anticipation, speak out the word “Shake”. Give the treat to your dog along with an enthusiastic appreciation. With repeated practice, you can keep your hand a little up every single time, your chest height being the maximum limit. This way your pet will raise its paw higher to grab the treat. Keep on practicing and make sure that the dog uses the same paw each time. Once your dog learns the trick with one hand, use the word “Other” to command him to shake his hand with another paw. Once your dog learns well, you can eliminate the treat and a simple happy praise would be enough.

High Five

How amazing it would be if your dog starts giving you high-fives. You don’t need a friend if you have a well-trained dog. It is a matter of simplicity to teach your dog high- five if it already knows the trick of the handshake. All you want is that your dog should raise its paw high enough and touch your open palms. Here, you just have to act a little smart. Start with the ‘shake’ command and immediately hold your palm out. When the dog touches its paw to your outer palm, say the word “High five”. Again, not forget the treats and praises that are to be given to your dog immediately because it deserves them.


Your dog can either be of the active vocal type or on the quiet side. You can easily encourage your dog to bark when commanded if it is naturally vocal. But, on the other hand, if your dog is usually silent all the time, you need to put in some effort to make it bark. For this, you will have to make your dog excited by doing things like tossing a ball or yourself using an excited tone while talking to your pet. Now, command your dog to “Sit” and wave a treat by the nose of your dog without making it see it. Do not give the treat to your dog until it makes some kind of sound- whining or crying. Give the treat as a reward as soon as the dog makes a sound. Use the command “Speak” when your dog makes the noise. This process has to be repeated frequently during the day and does not reward your dog until it barks. While you teach it to bark, along with it, another essential thing is that it should know when it has to stop. For that, use commands like “Enough” or “Stop” and simply walk away when you want it to shut up. But, before you start with this training, you should know that if your dog barks excessively, practice this only when it is sitting. Otherwise, your pet will develop a habit of barking at everything that walks by your window, which should be absolutely avoided and never rewarded with showering praises and treats.


All the dogs that are lively and under 40 pounds can be very easily brought up on its hind legs. Make your dog sit and hold the treat in your closed hand near the nose of the dog. Keep on lifting your hand upwards and behind the dog’s head. This way, your dog will start looking up and raise itself on the hind legs. The next obvious step is the praise and the treat. Repeat the exercise until your dog learns to stand on its hind legs quickly and steadily. If you will move the treat in small circles, you will find your dog twirling and this is the time when you have to use the word “Dance”.


What you read above are some of the most simple, fun and entertaining tricks to be taught to your dog, which will greatly assist in the mental stimulation of your pet. Also, these practice sessions will bring you and your dog close together and make your bond much stronger than ever. Dogs are really a man’s best of friends who are always there with you even in odd circumstances. They will always love you unconditionally. You just have to be patient and calm while dealing with them.