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Dog Subscription Boxes You’re Missing Out On

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Over the past years, dog subscription boxes have caught the attention of many dog lovers because it gives new toys, training tools, and treats to your pet. You also don’t need to spend hours at pet stores because everything is in this box. Since there are so many on the market, it might be hard to find the best one for you. Below you will find some of the best subscription boxes on the market right now.


Dogs require nutrition and toys appropriate for their age. For instance, senior dogs may not need the calories of puppy treats. Adult dog treats lack the needed nutrition for younger pups who are growing. PupBox brings an end to this issue by customizing all the subscription boxes based on the size and age of the dog. Subscribers will get a box of five to seven dog-loving products. It will keep changing as your dog or cat keeps growing older. Andrea Arden, who is a celebrity dog trainer, gives you a complete guide. In PupBox, you will receive teething toys, chews, cleaning supplies, grooming goodies, and many more. You will get a 12-month subscription to this box at 29 dollars per month. 

VetPet Box

As pet owners, you must be aware that dogs and cats fall ill, and that too often. Even if you give them the best treatment, serve them healthy and delicious foods, and keep them active all day, you still need a VetPet box. Only those dog medicines and products that the vet has approved come in this box. Any toys and treats come with health recommendations for your dog and cat. The box also includes items like conditioning sprays, dog shampoo, nutritional supplements, and dental aids. This subscription box starts at 35 dollars per month and goes up in price depending on the weight of your animal. 


You will get this puppy box at 26 dollars per month for a six-month subscription. BarkBox is among the best dog subscription boxes, and you also get it at such affordable prices. Pet parents love these high-quality dog products like toys, dog treats, grooming products, and much more. Amusingly, they sell theme boxes with historical settings, popular movies, Valentine’s day, and you can buy from the variety available. You will be 100% satisfied with each item, especially the BarkBox super chewer. 

Kong Box

Every size and breed of dog would have a toy for it in this subscription box. This box is full of items to keep in mind your cat’s and dog’s issues. If your dog experiences teething and anxiety or needs help with weight control or crate training, these fantastic toys can help them get rid of their troubles. When you sign up, please complete your dog’s (or cat’s) profile. You will have a dog box with three treats, two toys, a recipe card, and training tips, all of them customized to the needs of your favorite pup. There’s even a box for shredders and super chewers, especially if your dog distresses sofas everywhere. 

Dapper Dog Box

Each Dapper Dog Box you will purchase shall include treats, bandana, and adorable toys. You can perfectly prepare your doggy for Instagram. 

Dapper Dog Box gives you well-made and quirky subscription boxes at 35 dollars per month, and we assure your dogs will love them. Most products are from small businesses in the United States, and options are available for dog owners or dogs with allergies and heavy chewers. The high-quality products sold in Dapper Dog Box treat your dog in amazing ways. A good part is they donate to people and organizations that support shelter dogs. 


There are so many options to choose from to suit your dog perfectly. The theme boxes full of dog treats mentioned in this article are worth every penny. You may choose a Dapper Dog Box or a Barkbox super chewer. But we assure you your pet is going to love it. Choose the best box from the descriptions above, and you will have the happiest pup ever!