Dog Sports To Try With Your Dog

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Involving your dog into sports helps you bond with your buddy. The dog enjoys being a part of sports, which positively impacts the dog’s behavior. Doing sports together will be the time that you and your dog enjoy the most. You are focused on the dog’s training and appreciate your pet for all the efforts that they are putting in. Sports also give a boost to the dog’s confidence and show the pet’s competitive side. 

Dogs have a lot of energy, which is one way you can harness the energy in the right direction. Getting them involved in sports also keeps them fit and healthy. There are many dog sport options but finding the right one that suits your dog is a must. 

See What Your Dog Enjoys

You must watch out for the things and actions that your dog loves to do. The energy levels must be high in whatever sport you choose for your dog. You need to figure out if the dog loves to run around or is super talented and focused with the ball. You can try and test the sports accordingly.

Breed Traits Play An Important Role

The breed of the dog also influences the choice of sports that your dog will like. Athletic dogs like collies are great at agility. Spaniels that are amazing with the nose are great at nose work competitions. You can help the dog see and decide by allowing them to play various types of sports.

You Must Select A Good Club For The Dog

It would help if you chose a good club where your dog gets to play these sports. A reputable club will provide proper guidance and advice and are quite knowledgeable in assessing the dog’s abilities.

There are so many dog sports or activities for dogs that you can choose from. Some of the most popular ones are:


Agility is one of the most common and popular dog sports. Agility involves a dog’s athletic skills, enthusiasm, and energy. Both of you work as a team, and you run around the agility course together. There are tunnels and frames that the dog needs to climb, see-saws, poles, and tables in the entire track that the dogs need to jump and pass through. Initially, the dogs may need to be encouraged as the obstacles seem to be difficult, but with time the dog gets the hang of the sport. You need to motivate and praise your pet and handle them patiently constantly. You can initially start in your home garden, too, by placing a few obstacles for your pet. It is a competitive dog sport full of teamwork.

Canine Freestyle

It is a musical performance that the handler team choreographs. This sport involves dancing with your pet, and any move is allowed. The pets perform all kinds of twists and turns in this show. It portrays a deep relationship and comfort between you and your dog. The sport involves a lot of creativity, patience, and a positive approach.


Conformation is a competition where the handler presents the dogs in a dog show. They are judged under various criteria that the American Kennel Club or the United Kennel Club determines. The judges are looking at the dog’s physical traits, health, temperament, and knowledge.

Disc Dog Competition

Here the dog and the handler team are judged by throwing a frisbee and are marked based on the distance and accuracy in catching the flying disc. Dogs with a high amount of energy like Australian shepherds or border collies are exceptional in this game. These events are judged on a predetermined point system.

Dock Jump

Dock diving or dock jumping is another popular dog sport where dogs jump from a dock into a body of water. They are judged based on distance and height covered during the jump. High energy and water-loving dogs like this sport very much.

Fly Ball

The sport is a relay race that has a team of four dogs. A dog from each team runs on a track with certain obstacles towards the fly ball box. The dog has to step on the panel and release the tennis ball from the box. Once the dog does that, the next dog starts from the starting line. All the four dogs of a team need to complete this activity to win the race.

Herding Trials

Herding is something that some dog breeds enjoy a lot. Since many dogs live in urban areas, they don’t get an opportunity to herd very often. You can register your dog to herding groups in your area to train them and let them enter the competition.

Lure Coursing

Lure coursing is a fast sport where dogs chase an artificial lure in the field. The dog with the best timing wins the competition. Lure coursing is an ideal activity if your dog’s chasing instinct is high.

Rally Obedience

Here the dog and the handler must complete a race that involves certain obedience exercises during the course. This sport is open for all breeds and instills a great amount of discipline and confidence in your pet.


Almost all breeds of dogs have a dominant sense of smell. The tracking trail involves a test of this skill. The dogs need to follow a scent trail and a trail of human footsteps. Tracking helps the dog know about different smells, and you may treat them with toys as rewards for completing the track.


Dogs are born to love sports. They love to jump, run, and play. These sports help to keep your pet active and strengthen your bond with them. Sports also aids in increasing the level of confidence in your dog. You must try out different sports to get to know the pet’s interests.