5 States With The Highest Shelter Dogs


Many animals have been found on the streets.  The reason being, they have been disowned by the owners that we’re unable to care for them. The counts for the animal shelter in the U.S have been a staggering value. The statistics given by the Best Friends Animal Society show that almost 5.3 million cats and dogs end up in shelters. 

Many animal organizations work to their full capacity for the homeless street dogs to provide them community outreach and sufficient shelter. The adoption fees consist of the spay/neuter and vaccine cost. Many animal shelters run on minimal costs and, many times, there is free adoption of pets that are very hard or unfit to adopt. The contribution matters a lot as the one who cannot contribute by donating some funds to their local humane society. They can also make sure of a fixed visit to volunteer the pets’ daily care at the shelter houses. Many shelters are non-profit organizations because they work on donations.

Alaska, Juneau Animal Rescue

Juneau is Alaska’s capital city, and the animal rescue has taken almost 600 animals to the return. The facilities provided include spay/neutering, deworming, giving essential vaccines, microchip, and training. You can make sure to help them by donating to their official website.

Alabama, City Of Huntsville Animal Services

Every day, ten street and homeless dogs end up at the shelters. The fees entirely depend on the housing times. When the housing times are at the peak, this organization takes no fees for giving the adoptions. On the other days, the costs for the adoption will be as minimal as they can be. The necessary facilities here include spay/neuter, the required vaccines, and a city pet license. Donations are very much appreciated, and you can get more information about that on the official website of Huntsville Animal Services.

Arkansas, Cabot Animal Services

This organization works on the “live release” rate that euthanizes the animals only when the health issue is a factor. This organization started with 3,100 pets in 2018. For donations and more information, you can contact its official website.

Arizona, Maricopa County Animal Care And Control

This organization works on low fees. It has been associated with the Phoenix police department for a specific event where the police officers help street dogs reach their shelter. The necessary facilities include spaying and neutering, vaccination, and pet licensing. This organization started with 28,000 pets in 2018 and is continuing to its full capacity. You can contact its official website for more information.

California, San Jose Animal Care And Services

This organization has its fee structure according to the adaptability and the animal’s needs. The necessary facilities include spaying and neutering, microchipping, and a one-year pet license. This organization not only gives shelter to the dogs but is also a home for many other animals like rabbits and guinea pigs. You can visit its official website for required information.


These animals need shelter, and we can help them by giving donations as per our capacity. All these shelter and animal communities require help. If you can’t adopt, consider volunteering, fostering, or donating. Anything you can do to help the animals in need and the shelters is always appreciated.