5 Reasons Your Dog Is Wagging Its Tail


Dogs are such an excellent pet to keep.  The dogs communicate through their body language, like wagging their tail to tell you what they are feeling. Many animals communicate with eye contact, their ear position, and mainly their body language. When an animal is defensive or aggressive, they are sure to make eye contact, and they will let you know when to back off. As you should see, the tail wag is not always friendly. Some signs will help you know when you need to be alert to danger. 

If a cat wiggles its tail, then it’s not social. That means they are going to attack.  It would be best if you stayed away while it is wagging its tail. However, when a dog wags its tail, it could be saying many things. The dog’s tail and ears are the two main parts from which they communicate the most. Many people hinder a dog’s communication ability by chopping its ears and tail. The significant way in which the dogs speak to each other is by their tail and ear. 

Dog Tail Wagging-

Dogs Use Different Tail Wagging To Communicate Other Things

Two parts of the tail indicate two different things. When the tail is relaxed and hanging low, it’s in its natural position, which means the dog is happy and calm. Yes, it may also vary in different breeds. In some dogs, the tail is naturally hung down behind their legs, while in others, it is curled up over their backs. You can make out that the dog cools when its tail is not moving from side to side. 

What The Dog Says When Its Tail Moves Up And Down

As stated above, there are two positions. One is when the bottom moves side to side; another is when it moves up and down. So when the tail moves upwards, then your dog is becoming more aggressive and arrogant. There is a red indicator for you that your dog is becoming dominant. However, when the dog tail is down, that means the opposite. When the dog’s tail is curved but is between the legs, they are harmless. It doesn’t mean that the raised bottom is always aggressive, but the lowered tail is still considered submissive.

When The Dog Moves Its Tail Towards The Right

If your dog is moving the tail powerfully towards the right, your dog is showing positive emotions, such as interest and playful nature.

When The Tail Moves Towards The Left

When the dog’s tail moves towards the left, that means they are not happy and show negative emotions, such as anxiety, fear, or aggression. For many animals, including dogs, the brain’s left side deals with positive behaviors, whereas the right side deals with negative emotions. Still, as the brain controls the opposite side of the body, there is a difference exhibited by the tail wag’s bias.


A dog’s best means of communication is its tail. Mostly, the dog wags its tail towards the right or keeps its tail at a lower position. This means it is happy with you and is calm. However, if the tail is left side or higher than the normal function, he may harm you and is ready to be dominant.