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5 Reasons Why Dogs Make the Best Home-Security

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Before technology changed the world of home security, many people relied on dogs to help keep them safe at night. While modern home security systems offer a variety of different features and functionality, many people still believe that dogs are the best choice when it comes to protecting your property. And there is an argument to be made that dogs can offer several benefits that a tech system cannot match. Here are just a few of the reasons why dogs make the best home security!

When Did Humans First Use Dogs For Home Security?


The use of dogs to help humans with security dates back over 4,000 years when the Egyptians and Romans first used them as guard animals. There are several accounts of ancient cultures using dogs in their military to perform guard duties such as defense against enemies and sentinels at night. As technology changed over time and humans grew more advanced, so too did the methods for modern security.

Dogs have been a critical component in providing protection since humans first recognized their intuitive abilities. Nowadays, guard dogs undergo extensive training to perform their duties with the utmost efficiency, whether locking down an area or alerting their owners of potential threats. This relationship between humanity and its canine counterparts has stood the test of time!

Reasons Why Dogs Make the Best Home-Security

With that long and storied history, it should be no surprise that many still believe dogs are the best choice for home security. There are several reasons why dogs provide such a valuable level of protection, including:

Quick Reaction Time


One of the main reasons why dogs make such guards of your home are their quick reaction time – as soon as they sense that someone unfamiliar has entered your house, they will immediately start barking or react to alert you of potential danger. Dogs also have great smells, allowing them to detect anything amiss before humans, like a stranger lurking near your house.

Furthermore, while an alarm system or security camera may alert the authorities to a potential threat, they cannot immediately react to it as a dog can. A well-trained guard dog will not only be able to keep you safe but also help prevent any further damage by acting quickly and aggressively against intruders.

Protective Nature


Along with their reaction time, dogs also have a natural protective instinct that makes them valuable in home security. They’re naturally territorial, so they aren’t afraid to bark or growl to alert you to potential threats outside – or inside – your home.

This natural protectiveness can be trained and developed even further through behavior techniques such as obedience classes and positive reinforcement training programs, creating a highly effective guard dog with incredible efficiency. And, even once they’ve reached later adulthood, dogs will always maintain that strong instinct to protect their human companions, making them a trustworthy and reliable source of security for many families.

High Intelligence


Dogs also have remarkable intelligence and intuition, meaning they can learn and remember various behaviors, including how to protect your home. In addition to being able to quickly and accurately assess situations, dogs also have excellent memories – meaning that they can learn new commands and techniques over time, even as they age. This allows them to be trained in various home security techniques and tactics, making them incredibly versatile and adaptive.

This intelligence also allows them to distinguish between a potential threat and someone visiting your home. Whether through their barking or by assessing the situation themselves, dogs can tell when someone is coming to visit you versus an intruder trying to enter your home uninvited – helping them stay alert at all times.

Intimidating Demeanor


Owning a canine may not be the most hi-tech security system, but they certainly hold their own as a viable option for home safety. Their intimidating demeanor is one of their defining traits regarding security — their loud barks and growls can often scare away would-be intruders. This is why many homeowners naturally rely on the fact that having a dog in the house is like having extra sets of eyes and ears. Even if your pup’s bark can’t physically stop criminals from entering your home, it can act as an effective deterrent and alert you to possible intrusions.

And depending on the breed of dog you own, even their appearance can help scare away potential threats. For example, smaller dogs that look ferocious, such as terriers or pit bulls, are often seen as more intimidating than larger breeds like golden retrievers or labradors. This means that even if your dog cannot stop an intruder, it may at least be able to prevent them from entering your home altogether.



Arguably the biggest strength of dogs when it comes to home security is their loyalty. A dog will bond strongly with its human family and do anything to protect them. This means that it will be highly motivated to protect your home, even if that means stepping up to fight off an intruder. And while this may put them in harm’s way, their loyalty to you is something that many homeowners can appreciate.

Their loyalty also means that they’re more likely to remain quiet and vigilant while you’re out and about, making them an excellent option for those who are away from their home for long periods. Their watchful nature means they’ll always be on alert, helping prevent any unexpected intrusions throughout the day.

Best Dog Breeds For Home-Security


With all those great reasons in mind, you might be wondering which type of dog you should get. And it is important to know that certain breeds are especially well-suited for the job — dogs that are brave, alert, and communicative. For example, German Shepherds, Mastiffs, and Doberman Pinschers have all been watchdogs with great success. This is because they have an instinctual desire to protect their family and home, plus they possess physical traits, such as large size and loud barks, which make them excellent deterrents of burglars and intruders.

When selecting the best dog breed for home security purposes, it is crucial to consider several factors beyond just the physical capabilities of the breed. For example, some dogs may appear intimidating but may be pretty personable; however, if you’re looking for a dog specifically dedicated to home security, you should opt for a more aloof canine companion like a Rottweiler or Shar Pei.

Do You Think Dogs Make The Best Home Security?

Whether you’re looking for extra sets of eyes and ears, a sense of intimidation, or unwavering loyalty to your family, it should come as no surprise that dogs make the best home security system. Their intelligence, physical capabilities, and instincts make them incredibly versatile and effective in protecting your home from potential intruders. And depending on the breed you choose, they can scare away potential threats with their size, strength, and intimidating demeanor. So if you’re looking for a home security system that’s both effective and loyal, consider a dog!

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