5 Reasons To Make Your Own Dog Food


Benefits of Being Your Dog’s Chef 

When looking at commercial food, it seems easy to scoop food from a bag directly to the bowl but is it really what would make your furry friend happy? If we always want to choose the best for our dogs, why not take some time out and cook for them. Below are 5 reasons why you should feed your dog with home-cooked food. 

1.   Being Able to Choose a Diet For Your Dog 

    • You can choose ingredients according to the health needs of your dog.
    • Ingredients used are fresh and have a better quality which makes it more palatable for your dog.
    • Pet food adds preservatives to the food to improve the taste of the food and to make it less likely to get spoiled which is not healthy for dogs and with making homemade food you have control over the artificial flavors, dyes, and hormones as you can limit them.
    • Some dogs have allergies to specific grains and carbohydrates, and no commercial product offers customized dog kibble.
    • You, along with your dog, are satisfied with the food.
    • You can easily make recipes according to your dog’s likes and dislikes if it is a fussy eater.

2.   Dog Food is Easy to Cook

It is a common misconception that dog food is difficult to make, it indeed consumes time but what’s more important than your furry friend’s happiness. There are many recipes available for preparing the food you can easily select what suits you the most. Cooking homemade food can save you the cost of the dry dog food available in the market. One advantage of feeding your dog with home-cooked food is that there are many ways in which one can cook it for their dog, such as -raw, boiled, steamed, baked all this can happen according to your cooking preference or your dog’s likes and dislikes. There are also some basic things you need to know before switching to homemade food for your dog.

    • You should be able to provide a nutritionally balanced diet, and you can do this by consulting your veterinarian about it.
    • To find a reliable and accurate recipe source.
    • To follow the recipe precisely as asked
    • Use safe ingredients, dogs and humans have a slightly different digestive system which means dogs can not metabolize particular food. 

To help you save the confusion below is a list of ingredients that your dog can and can not  consume :

  • Can eat

Carrots, eggs, beef, chicken, broccoli, Apple, Rice, oatmeal, Turkey, milk, mango, pork, coconut, peas, Banana, strawberry,  oranges, peanut, mushroom, potato, celery, bread, yogurt, pumpkin, spinach, cheese, etc.

  • can not eat

Raisins, lemon, nutmeg, chocolate, garlic, coffee, avocado, onions, grapes, yeast dough, xylitol.
After you follow these steps, you’ll notice that it is easier for you to cook for your dog, and it would not feel like a big deal then.

3.   Disadvantages of Commercial Dog Food

    • Only dry ingredients are used in this. The process of harsh drying reduces the nutrient content and digestibility of some of the elements.
    • Contains colors and preservatives which may cause reactions or allergies to your pet.
    • They are often not palatable
    • They are very expensive, and the quantity is also less.
    • As it is preserved it loses the original taste of the ingredient.
    • It has to be consumed in a certain amount of time after opening the packaging.

As a pet owner, one would not like to jeopardize the health of their pet just because it is an easy method.

4.   Helps in Bond-Building

 As a dog owner, we always look at our pets as family members, and it’s no surprise that we want the best for them. Like any other creature, the way to a dog’s heart is through the stomach. Preparing food for your dog makes them know how much you love and care for them. While cooking food for them, you can provide healthy and tasty food for your dog. The best homemade diet for dogs is one that includes brown rice, spinach, carrots, zucchini, and ground turkey or chicken.

5.   Health Benefits

Like human beings, dogs too benefit from eating natural food. When one prepares food for their dog which is well cooked with a well-balanced diet, the chances of living a happy and long life increase, a dog that eats natural food has healthy skin and body with less digestive problems. Some commercial food affects the gut balance of the body, which can lead to various diseases related to the gut. Serving homemade food ensures a natural balance of the gut as the dog gets more moisturized and fresh food, excluding the preservatives, therefore leading to a healthy lifestyle for your pet. 

Whole food such as fruits and vegetables are full of fiber and live enzymes which helps in digestion and adds a new aspect to their life.

Dry dog food lacks moisture, leading to dry skin of the dog which gives it a worn off look when the skin is dry there are likely to be further complications, through homemade food one can regulate the consistency of the food and serve it accordingly maintaining the moisture. 

There’s not much to argue about whether or not homemade food is better than commercial food, as it is quite clear that it is as it not only benefits your dog well-being but also your relationship with them.