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5 Best Pet Health Insurance Companies In 2021


Pet Health insurance is one of the most important aspects of owning a pet. You want to make sure that your furry friend has all the best care possible, but you also don’t want them to be breaking the bank. For many people, this means considering a pet insurance plan. Pet health insurance is not only beneficial for your pet’s well-being but also offers protection from excessive costs that could be incurred by an accident or illness. Here are the top best pet health insurance companies in 2021.

What is Pet Health Insurance?

The purpose of a pet health insurance plan is to protect you from financial disaster in the event that your pet becomes ill or injured. Without this protection, an accident or illness could quickly lead to thousands of dollars being spent on treatment and care. Pet health insurance plans not only take some stress off their owners but also provide peace of mind knowing they have access to quality veterinary services when needed.

Whenever possible consider getting pet insurance before any potentially expensive illnesses happen so it won’t be as big a shock if something does occur later on! If purchasing after an incident has occurred then make sure you speak with several different companies and see what sort of discounts are available for paying in full instead of financing payments over time.

Most Common Health Issues Covered by Pet Insurance

When deciding on a pet insurance plan it is important to determine what medical conditions and injuries you would be covered for. Most companies offer plans that will cover the following issues:

– Gastrointestinal Issues (Vomiting, diarrhea)

– Eye Injuries

– Skin Allergies/Sores

– Cancer Treatment / Tumors / Heart Disease Treatments

In addition, they may also provide coverage for pre-existing conditions as long as your pet has been insured with them for at least 30 days or more. This means if your dog was recently diagnosed with cancer but had previously signed up with their company then he should still be able to receive treatment under his policy. These are just some of the most common pet health insurance plans that are currently available.

Best Pet Health Insurance Companies In 2021

Trupanion Pet

Trupanion is a unique company because they offer direct payment to veterinary offices before you even leave. This means that if your vet participates and accepts payments from them, then Trupanions will pay his/her office bill on behalf of yourself without any claims filing!

Trupanion only offers one plan and no payout limits. Trupanion comes with more options for your pet insurance needs including a Recovery & CareRider which covers medical expenses after an accident or injury as well as coverage if they damage someone else’s property while on vacation at their favorite place. The Pet Owner Assistance Package! This package pays out things such as fees from boarding facilities when you’re hospitalized because who doesn’t love getting paid to take care of themselves – especially when there are so many other bills floating around these days.

The company also has a program where you can refer a friend and you can earn $25 for referring a friend. The lifetime per condition deductible has no limits on how much money your friends get as long they stay enrolled with us!

Healthy Paws

Healthy Paws is committed to providing the best pet insurance for a price that fits your budget. They offer single plans with an annual deductible and no payout limits, giving you peace of mind when it comes time for treatment!. If you want to lower your premiums- Healthy paws gives the option of either raising or lowering both deductibles as well as reimbursement levels depending on what premium price works best for you! They also offer alternative care which includes hydrotherapy (for therapies such as epidurals), acupuncture & chiropractic medicine; all performed by licensed professionals in these fields so it’s guaranteed safe from liability issues too!

The plan covers only those expenses that are considered “essentials” by Healthy Paws. It does not cover wellness or vet exams, nor do they offer behavioral treatment for animals in need of care from their owners who may be sicker than expected–but still eligible! As an added bonus with this program, you get to share some money too if you refer a friend. After your referred friend has completed signing up on the site, they donate $25 towards helping homeless pets.

Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace does not cover pre-existing conditions. They do have some exceptions though. If your pet has some kind of curable condition and is symptom-free for at least one year, Embrace might cover the condition again in the future. Embrace also features a diminishing deductible which means that each year your pet is healthy and you do not file a claim, your deductible will get smaller.

Embrace has a special feature that not many other insurance companies have. They offer to pay for veterinary exam fees, which isn’t typical. And they also have bonuses for wellness, like grooming and training. There is no upper age limit on how old your pet can be when you buy the policy.

Pets Best

Pets Best has three plans: Essential, Plus, and Elite. The Essential Plan has coverage for accidents and illnesses for cats and dogs without age restrictions. The more coverage you get the higher your tier is. You get benefits like exam fees for accidents and illnesses or rehab coverage when you go up a level.

The company also offers two wellness plans. These plans cover flea and tick prevention, microchipping, neutering, spaying, deworming, and vaccinations. This is the best company to offer coverage for these things.

Pets Best has annual deductibles. The protection range is from $5,000 to unlimited. Pets Best also has shorter waiting periods for accidents than other companies in the rating system. For example, if you add routine care to your policy, you can use it right away.


Figo offers three types of pet insurance. They are for accidents and illnesses for cats or dogs. Higher-level plans have higher payout limits, but other options are also available. The best option is the one with no limits. There are also options to cover veterinary fees, prescription food, and an Extra Care Pack that provides liability coverage if your pet damages someone else’s property, coverage for providing a reward for a lost pet, and coverage for boarding fees if your pet is injured and cannot be treated at home.

The company offers wellness coverage for routine care, which includes things like spay/neuter surgery, microchips, vaccines (rabies only), deworming medications, flea preventives, heartworm testing, and medication if needed, blood tests when necessary to diagnose a condition or illness that you notice in your pet when they are otherwise healthy—and sometimes when an animal has been sick but is now recovering from the illness.

With Figo’s Pet Cloud app, you can connect with a licensed vet 24/7. You can get information about your Figo account and find the nearest dog park. Share photos of your pets with other pet owners!


All in all, when it comes to finding the best pet insurance plan for you and your pet, take a look at what each company has to offer. Buying an insurance policy can be scary; especially since there is no guaranteed coverage with any one particular provider. However, you can narrow your search and choose a plan that best fits what you need. Make sure to check out every company and the different plans they provide and choose the plan that is best for you and your new pet.


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